Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What we have been going through

Sunday morning, 7:40AM. The wife and I wake up as sometimes happens on the weekend for various reasons (used to getting up that early during the week, nose stuffed up due to allergies, etc) wake up. We hear what sounds like the neighbors taking a shower, and don't think anything of it, but I decide I wanted to get up to grab some breakfast and relax a little before maybe taking a nap on a lazy Sunday morning. We open the door and the neighbor's shower sounds suddenly a lot closer and louder. Not really paying any attention to it, we decide to continue with our plans for maybe pancakes or whatever else we decide for breakfast. Gail decides to hop onto her computer to check her email, steps out into the living room, and ends up having her foot completely drenched, with water completely covering the surprised and suddenly cold foot.

I know it doesn't make sense that we didn't realize that water was all over our living room before we actually got there, the sound had been getting louder but we figured that somehow we had left the faucet on all night or some other silly thing. And we were rudely awakened.

So now two days later and several insurance phone calls later here is what our living room and garage (because it is located directly beneath the living room) looks like:

We know everything is going to work itself out, our insurance carrier is awesome and is helping us through everything, but for the next couple of weeks (months?) living in our house is going to be not as comfortable as we had gotten used too.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blog back online

Had some domain issues, now hosted as www.ericbuschman.net. Welcome back!