Sunday, November 23, 2003

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The writing of the long awaited sixth BAL-SAGOTH album is continuing, and the new material is sounding truly phenomenal. Fans of everything Bal-Sagoth have crafted, from the debut album to the most recent opus, will truly find the forthcoming sixth album a wondrous and enthralling voyage into the darksome realms of sinister avant-garde black/death metal! Barbaric, baroque, bombastic... BAL-SAGOTH!
The front and back cover artwork by renowned fantasy artist Martin Hanford is now complete, as are the interior booklet illustrations by both official artists Martin Hanford and Samuel Santos.
Recording is expected to begin during the depths of winter, with a release through Nuclear Blast during the spring of 2004.

Bal-Sagoth have finalized a new merchandise deal with the German company Rock Bottom ( Rock Bottom are a company 100% dedicated to METAL, so they are a fine choice to take over production of the prestigious range of Bal-Sagoth garments.
The first item produced will be a much requested Bal-Sagoth logo shirt, and will be available both as a t-shirt (with backprint) and long-sleeve (with back and sleeve-prints). Additionally, there will be a "girlie" fit style shirt, featuring an exclusive backprint.
And don't forget, the last few copies of the original award-winning range of Bal-Sagoth shirts from Razamataz (featuring exclusive Martin Hanford artwork) are going fast! Get yours now from before they're gone for good!

All who lamented the lack of a full lyrical supplement for the fourth album "The Power Cosmic" will be pleased to know that there is now a new edition of the album available which contains a full colour 12 page lyric booklet.
This new edition of the fourth album is available on CD and is sublicensed from Nuclear Blast by the Russian company Irond Ltd. (The lyrics are printed in English, and the layout was designed by webmaster Jamie which first appeared exclusively here at the official site!) Check out for more.

Work on the series of graphic novels set within the BAL-SAGOTH lyrical universe is also continuing. As an exclusive prelude to these stories, the Official Bal-Sagoth Website will soon be unveiling several pages of BAL-SAGOTH comics written by Byron and illustrated by official band artist Martin Hanford. Watch for them in a future site update!
Additionally, the first prose novella written by Byron and set within the world of the BAL-SAGOTH lyrics is nearing completion. This thrilling story will significantly expand the adventures of Caylen-Tor and his epic struggle against the armies of the sorceress Zyrashana, a tale which first appeared in the song "To Dethrone The Witch-Queen Of Mytos K'unn (The Legend Of The Battle Of Blackhelm Vale)" on the album "Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule".
Also, fans of the BAL-SAGOTH stories will be pleased to know that a totally revamped and expanded Glossary of all the characters, places, events, artifacts, etc. appearing in the tales will soon be unveiled here at the Official Website, including new information from the fifth and sixth albums.
Additionally, a new and comprehensive version of Byron's complete BAL-SAGOTH lyrics incorporating all six albums and featuring special extended editions of the fourth album's stories (TPC ver. 1.5) will be uploaded soon to co-incide with the new special edition Glossary.

BAL-SAGOTH keyboardist Jonny Maudling has recently been working as part of a team of composers creating music for a new MMORPG (Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game) called Adellion. Visit the official Adellion site for more info on this epic fantasy game:

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