Tuesday, March 23, 2004

From the Therion website:

The site is back up, thank gods. It's been a busy few weeks lately, rebuilding this thingy from scratch but who cares! :P Therion have been busy too, the CDs are mixed and final, and currently the graphics for the booklets are being done. "CDs"? "Booklets"? YEP! Not one, but TWO new albums ready to hit the CD shelves! Oh, are you going to enjoy them, they're best of the best of the best that Therion created in the last two years!

The new Therion albums are called "Sirius B" and "Lemuria" and will be released the 24th of May. They will be relesed as two separate albums, but during a period of two months, there will be a double release avaliable, so that people can get them both for more or less half the price. This release will be pressed as much as people buy it during these two months and after that what ever left in stores and distribution channels can continue to sell as long as it lasts. You can consider this special offers as a present from Therion to the fans.

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