Thursday, November 04, 2004


I don't have one of those cool polling processes, although I could probably build one...

Main Poll:
a) I am posting to infrequently
b) I am posting just the right amount
c) I need to post more items

Sub Poll:
a) Stop posting links ripped from other sites
b) Post all cool news articles you see
c) Keep posting news articles, but also write more of your own thoughts

Thanks! Just trying to find out where people think I should go with this blog.


Scott said...

Just about right...include more personal stuff/thoughts. Otherwise, if its just news, you'll just get a bunch "That's cool." type comments. Also, for the active posters, perhaps solicit us for info or an opinion on something (like this poll for example) if the need ever arose.

NightenGail said...

My answers are that I need to post more, not you, and that post new articles and your thoughts.

i like the blog. I'll try to post more art that i find or something.