Friday, December 31, 2004

Regroup and reload

Hails to you all, mighty warriors and dear friends. As the sun rises and sets on the final day of 2004, I cease fire to take a look back at the trail of destruction in our wake.

J bought a house and met a pretty cool girl (welcome once again to the group Lisa!), Eric and Gail took many steps into the process of upgrading their house (and I think Eric got like 6 promotions or something), Lisa (Torch) got an outstanding job offer, Steven got into a lab work program that only a couple undergrads qualified for and has done very well (just watch, he'll eventually make more than all of us), Phil has also entered the world of public accounting...Moss/Adams I think?? Jenny, I'm sure you did some cool stuff this year, but you need to learn to brag a little so we all know about it!! John and Linda finally got their stories straight and are now engaged as well as in the process of buying a home.

Before I crack open a fresh box of 20mm ammo for the minigun, I wanted to take a moment and bow to you all for your accomplishments this year and for being such a kind, fun, and generous cadre of friends. Where ever you are for New Year's, be safe, have a s---load of fun, and I'll catch you all in 2005!

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Unknown said...

You did an excellent job of posting all our various accomplishments but your own. Man who scored such a high score on his audits that they moved him to another branch to ship up the second branch into scoring high also (what was it something like 13% improvement in less than 2 months). Not to mention several raises yourself and moving out on your own. These are very awesome accomplishments in and of themselves!

Happy new years everyone!

With Love from Florida,
Eric & Gail