Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Warrick takes a walk

This will be Warrick's last season on CSI. Gary Dourdan is done with it. I think this shows that CSI is heading towards being like Law and Order. Law and Order has been on TV for something like 15 years. The cast has had several changes, but the format remains intact and the show continues to thrive. Grissom, Katherine, and Nick will be back for more blood and guts.


PLove said...

I was wondering how they are giong to do it. They can make it final and have him go out in a blaze of glory against some mobster or they can have him leave jaded like Sarah so he can be back for guest appearances. What do you think it will be.

Jenjenbug said...

Well, he's gone, a violent end to boot! No coming back from that one! Get shot in the neck by a rogue cop. What a way to go!!!