Monday, March 23, 2009

Eye-Fi Review

Product Details 

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Description: The Eye-Fi series of Secure Digital memory cards are intended for digital camera’s.  Basically you set up the card with your computer and your WIFI router.  And whenever you turn the camera on within range of the WIFI router your computer automatically sucks the pictures out of the memory card and can additionally post them onto one of the internet photo sharing sites (Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, etc).

The Good:

  • Built with the idea to save time for people who take a lot of pictures and like posting to the social networking sites.
  • Some versions of the product support internet hot spots that are found around the country (world).

The Bad:

  • I could not get it to work with my WIFI Router using WPA2 security, as such I can’t give a complete review
  • The service will not work with RAW images, so if you are using a DSLR or other camera, you will need to set your camera to shoot RAW+JPEG (thus slowing down save times)


The concept of the product is excellent.  I think that unfortunately the usability is lacking.  Reading numerous reviews it seems like for those who it works for they love it.  But there are numerous complaints about the WIFI range of the card not being large enough, and the card not always being detected on the network so the computer doesn’t pull the pictures off of it.

So I would say hold off and wait and see where the technology is going.

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