Monday, October 06, 2003

Atari to patch Temple - The Temple of Elemental Evil News for PC at GameSpot

I can believe it. The game looks great, has the best rules conversion of a D&D game I have ever seen. But there is a lacking something... Oh yeah, fun!

It isn't that bad, here is the deal:
1) The performance on a high-end computer leaves much to be desired
2) The character controls are a little rusty and require adept manipulation
3) The game misses the following two components:
  a> Lack of good rewards make playing only partially interesting
  b> It takes a long time to jump into the game, and even then you have long periods of 'time to get to the next section' which grate on the nerves

But besides for those issues it is a stellar looking game and a good start to a D&D franchise. They completely one upped Neverwinter Nights.

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