Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Yes and no about Kill Bill. It had a lot of blood shooting all over the place... But nothing that was "ewwww". It was more along the lines of, ok lets use a blood pump here to have it squirt for no apparent reason. Was it 'horror' all that blood... No it was almost comedy. But to answer your question, yes it was damn bloody.

(edit) Thinking back there were two scenes that the gore wasn't ... Called for. 1) was seeing someone's brain after cutting off the top of the skull, 2) the opening scene was very dark.

(edit edit) Alright fine (after another 5 minutes of thinking). It definitely rates and 'R' rating. There was a lot of stuff in it that definitely is messed up. If you have any reason not to want to see random really horrible things, then skip it. (Stuff like... Rape was implied, death of a baby in the womb, putting a sword through someone's genitals)

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