Saturday, August 07, 2004


RAMMSTEIN's song "Mein Herz Brennt" is featured in a Mercedes television commercial which has been airing on British television. The commercial, which includes "breath-taking special effects" during the breaks, features the driver of a Mercedes Cabriolet fleeing from two battling "Cloud Gods". More information about the commercial is available at this location.

RAMMSTEIN's latest single, "Mein Teil", entered the German singles chart at position No. 2. A video (Windows Media, Real Media) for the track was shot on June 2-3 in Berlin, Germany. A fifty-person crew and director Zoran Bihac, who also directed the "Links 2,3,4" clip, realized the concept for the video together with the band.


NightenGail said...

that video is freaky! kinda like them, so it's cool. I still am partial to that one cd....i don't think anything they do can be better then that one. Maybe it's just the chick singing Engel

Scott said...

She was so totally hot. You sooooo called it on that one.