Thursday, May 19, 2005

BBC NEWS | Technology | Call for radical rethink of games

Stop violent games and increase games for girls? Ehhh? Alright fine, I do enjoy games that don't have explosions of blood everywhere and naked women... So maybe it is acceptable to make games more mainstream, as long as we retain our RPG (elite) games which require a little bit more. And my wife is a perfect example that just because you are a woman doesn't mean you can't kick it with the guys.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Call for radical rethink of games: "As part of this, games had to become easier to play, as often people
are intimidated by the technology or the complexity of a title."

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Scott said...

Heck, right now I'm stuck on Guildwars, which is violent, but not at all gorey. They even censor bad words from the chat!! Further, judging by the way some of our characters dance, it seems that developers are also starting to reach out to gay men too. My elementalist really scares me sometimes.

PS. Girls that like gore and violence rule. Hails to all of you. We can watch some CSI together.