Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I have been kicking around the experience that was Cloverfield and I feel that I have to put some words up. As advertised, it was done using a hand-held camera. Two important things to note. Number 1, the production value was still really good and number 2, its not as jerky as the Jason Bourne series. The difference here is that its more like the camera is being worn by one of the characters instead of it just being a tool to film the movie. It made the jerkiness much more fact realistic. Cloverfield is a loud, intense experience that does not let up very has many good one-liners, and is unique in that the viewers have only one perspective the entire movie. We really don't know anything more than the people we're looking at. Its probably not something to own and watch again and again unless you've got a big setup at home, but it is a must see. Very different than many things out there.

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Unknown said...

Agreed, I enjoyed it immensely and would suggest everyone to see it at least once.