Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Lady Edge

Born in the fires of St Argus
She was born in the fires of St Argus, burned by the intense heat, and then pounded into the shape pure. She was one single piece of silvery strength amongst the darkness of the world, battling for the light. It took her maker 15 years to forge her, tolling for over 10 hours a day in the cramped heated confines. But through the burning pain and ringing pleasure she took shape, strong of line, yet a feeling of slender femininity to her bearing. Almost 4 feet long with a brand of just over 3 feet in length, she was strength and speed combined into the silvery beauty of St Argusian holy metal.

History of honor
Throughout the ages she had been wielded by paladins of the order of St Argus. Her earliest recollections were of strong hands wielding her in the demon wars against blood that burned her flesh and pitted her soul. She was a strong lady though and weathered through those dark filled times, the shining light of her wielders kept her going. The bond between a Lady Edge and her arm is a sacred thing. The closest bonds occur during the initiation ceremony of a new knight, after the days of fasting and prayer their souls are laid bare to the order. They are then shown the brotherhood and love of the knights of St Argus, and enfolded into their order and during the final ceremony they are blooded by a Lady Edge. This blood sharing is what forges the intense mental and emotional bond between them, allowing her to anticipate his actions and amplify their effectiveness.

The Fallen One
She slept quietly in the calm loving embrace of the armory at St Argus’s northern stronghold. It had been an age since she had felt the suns warmth on her skin, and although it was nice to relax in the calm love filled room, she also felt a tingle of excitement when the portal to the room opened and she felt the aged woman enter the room. Whispered prayers that had changed only a little over the course of her lifetime reverberated through the chamber. And slowly her silvery flesh started to glow blue. She felt the jealousy and happiness surround her from her fellow Ladies Edge, their wishes for her glory and prayers to assist her in the protection of her arm.

This bonding was the painful pleasure as all the rest where she felt her soul torn asunder then melded back into a whole with the paladin whose arm will wield her. A man this time, boy really, was her wielder. Throughout the ages she had a smattering of women amongst the male dominated paladins, and both had their own strengths and weaknesses. But it was not her place to ponder the philosophical differences between a female arm or male, both were good in her mind.

The Lady Edge was content over the next few years, her Arm travelled great distances seeing the world and trying to right imbalances. They assaulted a stronghold of a necromancer, defeating all manner of lesser undead before being routed and wounded to gravely to continue, but it was a good venture and would reduce the pervasiveness of evil in the corner of the world for a decade at least and sometimes that is all they could hope for.

After the necromancer’s lair they encountered a village on the edge of extinction due to an unknown disease and spent a greater part of a year tending the sick and healing as they could. This was one the more pleasurable experiences that she had encountered. She was able to use her soul fire to empower his healing hands and assist in the recovery of the villagers, especially the children, and it was good.

Next they encountered a city wiped out by an orcish horde, after tracking the movements of the army they came upon it in the mountains wilds of the east. As is the nature of the paladins of St Argus, he openly challenged the leader of the orcs to a vendetta in the hopes it would right the imbalance of the atrocities performed upon the poor inhabitants of that city. She guided his hand and the battle was won after a two hour duel. The orc chieftain was strong, each blow delivered by his great two handed axe rang throughout her core which caused her to stiffen her resolve. Her arm took several wounds in the exchange of blows, but the orc’s wounds were much graver and sapped his strength while she fueled her arms with the clean power forged into her core and tempered and grown throughout the ages of dedication. And thus he was defeated.

Soon after they came to the paladins home town before he dedicated himself to the service of St. Argus. The whole town was pleased to see what a fine young man the paladin had grown into. She was quite proud of his accomplishments so far. Then the night happened that would anguish her forever. A childhood sweetheart of the paladin since they had come to the town was stalking him, waiting until they were alone. She threw herself at him, seducing him with all her beauty and enthusiasm. His moral indoctrination allowed him to keep a level head amongst the overwhelming surge of hormones; he had wanted her since they were children. His rejection cut her to the bone, the very next day he saw her walking arm in arm with his childhood best friend. Rage infused him, and his sight turned red.

Although he was incoherent to the world and didn’t understand his actions, the Lady Edge didn’t get that sweet release. She felt her edge bite into the innocent flesh of the young man and girl, ending their lives before they could but gasp in terror. And she wept, to her core she was wounded, how could this have happened?

He woke from his rage minutes after the deed was done and was appalled by what had happened. The blood on his hands ripped his soul asunder and the pain was unbearable. In grief he stumbled out of the town before anyone learned of what had happened. Hurrying into the wilderness he lost himself to his pain. Unable to assist her arm and furthermore lost in her grieving over the innocent lives she helped end she didn’t realize until it was too late that the paladin had during her edge against himself.

She sat encased in his body for an incalculable time, as scavengers and the weather wrecked havoc on his body. She longed for release from the unending agony of contact with a fallen paladin; she had never encountered this pain before. Some of her fellow Ladies Edge had experienced it and wouldn’t talk about it, which she now understood why.

Finally one day dawned and the hoped for release came, a man happened upon the remains of the paladin and seeing the gleaming silvery blade recovered it along with the few meager items of value from the body. As that dirty hand wrapped itself around her hilt she shuddered in agony anew. This was not a good man but rather a bandit lord who would surely use her in ways she shuddered to think of. And thus ended her bond with the fallen paladin, she never would forget that agony.

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PLove said...

I like it. The viewpoint of the sword versus the person is new. Will the story continue at this speed or does it get into more detail? Swords do have long lives so I would understand either way. Can she take over like Khazidhea?

Scott said...

A benevolent, sentient weapon. Interesting. And as the main character, no less. Very interesting. It look forward to seeing how broad or narrow her perceptions can be and how that affects the story. Clever idea.