Saturday, June 05, 2004


From Blabbermouth:

Norway's BORKNAGAR have commenced work on their debut DVD, tentatively due after the release of their seventh album. "We got lots and lots of video material from the recordings of 'Quintessence', 'Empiricism' and 'Epic'," drummer Asgeir Mickelson writes in an online posting. "We got all shows I've played with the band (some shows with three cameras running), and we've got a lot of stupid backstage and touring stuff. Øystein has a couple of hours from the US tour but we need more — especially bootlegs from the '90s! We are basically looking for as much video material as possible so let us know what you have! Did you smuggle a camera into a BORKNAGAR show? Let us have a copy of it! Bootlegs are welcome!!!"

BORKNAGAR's sixth album, "Epic", is scheduled for release on June 21 through Century Media Records. A limited edition version of "Epic" will include a classy slipcase packaging as well as a "making of" studio-video enhancement. The album will be released on LP format as well.

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