Wednesday, June 09, 2004

A possible delay for the Blind Guardian DVD, but for a good reason:

BLIND GUARDIAN fans from all over the world are imploring the band on their official forum to issue an extended version of their brand-new live DVD "Imaginations Through The Looking Glass", scheduled for release on June 14 through Virgin.

The extended version would contain all the missing songs the band played on their own festival in Coburg, Germany last year plus the "fan-choirs," announcements and mistakes, without any cuts and corrections.

In total, the set would contain 3 DVDs, one with Day One of the festival, one with Day Two, and the third would be the normal bonus disc and would be released about half a year or a whole year later.

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Unknown said...

I'm willing to wait for the goodies. I think this will probably be the 3rd Music Video that I will have bought, the other two: Iron Maiden - Awesome DVD, I think it is Live in Rio; Bond - Live album I think, I haven't honestly checked it out but Gail has. I think she liked it.