Thursday, February 21, 2008

Aliens, cooperative

Aliens: Colonial Marines in late 2008, 4-player co-op - Joystiq
Sega has bumped up the Aliens: Colonial Marines street date to "late 2008," just a week after Game Informer revealed the game name and cited a vague 2009 release. The publisher also provided details of the title's plot, an original, penned by Bradley Thompson and David Weddle. As part of a United States Colonial Marine squad you and up to three additional friends will face a Nazi an Alien assault (yes, like we said, "original"). In co-op mode, players will have distinct roles to play in the completion of each mission -- we call flamethrower duty! The game also will include additional multiplayer modes not yet announced.

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Scott said...

Bring it, fools! I'll have the sentry guns waiting!

No seriously...bring it...there's room on my hard drive right now for it.