Tuesday, February 05, 2008

There they go again shooting down gaming

The dark ages - Times Online
At my college evening class last week, two intelligent, thirtysomething suited guys – solicitors or managers to judge from their e-mail addresses – were talking about their new Xbox 360s and what transcendent joy was to be had from them. I eavesdropped more attentively. Apparently, in Gears of War, the smallest details of the largest battles were crystal clear, in widescreen! Surely they were discussing their children’s computer games? Xboxes are toys, after all.

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Scott said...

That's two blogs I've read stuff like this on. So freaking what if 20 and 30 somethings like to play video games?! Its not like the world will run out of people if marriage and reproduction don't happen at the same pace they once did. Maybe this is just nature's way of compensating for our longer life spans in order to balance the population.