Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Terminator inconsistency

This shouldn't contain spoilers.

Last night while watching the 2/4 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, I noticed an inconsistency. When the Hummer and Truck containing the metal arrives at the military base they have to go through a checkpoint and show ID. When Sarah and the terminatrix follow them, they skip any scene dealing with that checkpoint...


And a discussion:
What is your opinion on the regenerating nature (or not regenerating nature) of the skin on the terminators.

I think they that don't regenerate the skin and that Summer Glau's character just patches it with band-aides / clothing. Otherwise why would she still be wearing a band-aide on her face. I could be wrong and just little time has passed between episodes, and it would be more intelligent to have your terminators regenerate the skin if it gets damaged... What are your opinions?


Scott said...

There is a scene in Terminator 2 when Sarah is pulling bullets out of Arnold. He says the wounds will heal, but does not really give a timeline. They don't have many more scenes after that until he takes many more bullets, so its unclear. They don't have regeneration like Wolverine or anything, but I suppose their skin could heal faster than the average human. They have made alot of comments in the show about Terminator blood being unnatural.

Nice catch on the inconsistency. I have another issue with that episode, but it would contain spoilers, so I'll keep quiet.

PLove said...

I am curious to know your comment Scott. We three are the main readers so spoil away, just put the !!! SPOILER WARNING !!! at the top.

Scott said...

Attention! Spoiler!!

My other issue with this episode was the idea that taking the key would enough to prevent the terminator from being able to escape the fallout shelter. I know the doors are way to heavy for him to move but I imagine he's smart enough to pull apart that panel and get it open another way without the key that the termintrix took.