Sunday, April 04, 2004

New Angra Album announced...this is from their website:

Just as much as its predecessor, Rebirth, the new album is a conceptual one. It tells a very interesting history developed by guitar player Rafael Bittencourt. The writing is extremely well done and the lyrics of each song are tightly connected to the others. Besides that, Angra saved a few surprises for their fans: special guests will be on this album, such as the brazilian musician Milton Nascimento, Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray), Hansi K├╝rsch (Blind Guardian), Douglas Las Casas, Silvia Goes and others.

This album’s quality is easily noticed and the emotions are easily understood. To be out in the middle of this year, the album will be certainly one the greatest releases of 2004! What can be said about this record? Sophisticated, surprising, innovative and the most important thing: it will be Angra’s heaviest album ever!
Stay tuned!!!

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