Thursday, April 15, 2004

Two articles from Blabbermouth:

FREEDOM CALL Set Release Date For Live Album - Apr. 14, 2004

German power metallers FREEDOM CALL, who feature in their ranks GAMMA RAY drummer Dan Zimmermann, have set a May 10 release date through SPV Records for their long-awaited live album, "Live Invasion".

The disc, which was recorded on the band's tour with BLIND GUARDIAN, will include a special bonus CD featuring the "Tears Of Taragon" EP plus two tracks that were previously only available in Japan.

"Live Invasion" (view cover here) track listing:

Disc 1:

01. Eyes of the World
02. Freedom Call
03. Tears of Taragon
04. Heart of the Rainbow
05. The Quest
06. Land of Light
07. Metal Invasion
08. Rise Up
09. We Are One
10. Warriors
11. Hymn to the Brave

Disc 2:

01. Warriors of Light
02. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
03. Heart of the Brave
04. Kingdom Come
05. Tears of Taragon (Story Version)
06. Hiroshima
07. Dr. Stein
BLIND GUARDIAN: DVD Details Revealed - Apr. 14, 2004

German power metallers BLIND GUARDIAN have set a tentative June 14 German release date for their upcoming live DVD, "Imaginations Through The Looking Glass". The disc, which was recorded primarily at the Blind Guardian Open Air festival in Coburg, Germany last June, will come with a bonus DVD, featuring interview and behind-the-scenes footage as well as additional live material.

"Imaginations Through The Looking Glass" DVD track listing:

DVD 1 - Blind Guardian Open Air (Coburg):

01. War of Wrath
02. Time Stands Still
03. Banish from Sanctuary
04. Nightfall
05. The Script for my Requiem
06. Valhalla
07. A Past and Future Secret
08. Punishment Divine
09. Mordred's Song
10. The Last Candle
11. Bright Eyes
12. Lord of the Rings
13. I'm Alive
14. Another Holy War
15. And then there was Silence
16. Somewhere far Beyond
17. The Bard's Song (in the Forest)
18. Imaginations from the other Side
19. And the Story Ends
20. Mirror Mirror

DVD 2 - Bonus DVD

* Interview with BLIND GUARDIAN
* Backstage Scenes of the "A Night At The Opera Tour 2002"
* The making of "The Blind Guardian Festival Coburg 2003"
* Slideshow

Bonus songs:

01. Into the Storm (Stuttgart 2002)
02. Welcome to Dying (Stuttgart 2002)
03. Lost in the Twilight Hall (Stuttgart 2002)
04. Majesty (Wacken 2002)

The DVD with NOT be region free. There will be separate PAL and NTSC versions with the appropriate region code for each country.

A trailer for the DVD will be released in the near future through the band's official homepage. Neither the format nor the size of this trailer is yet known. Distribution of the trailer will most likely be done using BitTorrent (as was done with the Live CD outtakes). Also the DVD cover image with be released in the near future.

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