Tuesday, April 27, 2004

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KITTIE Announce New Second Guitarist - Apr. 26, 2004

Canadian metallers KITTIE have recruited guitarist Lisa Marx, formerly of the Seattle hardcore band TO SEE YOU BROKEN, to join the group permanently as a second guitarist.

"Lisa brings a wide-eyed excitement that really shows this is all she has ever wanted to do," said vocalist/guitarist Morgan Lander. "She has been playing piano and guitar for years, and has tons of touring experience. She 's the kind of person who isn't going to back down or quit."

KITTIE began the huge undertaking of finding a guitar player while working on their latest album, "Until the End". Marx, who the girls had met at a Seattle-area KITTIE show, immediately came to mind. She was invited, along with a handful of other male and female prospects, to the recording studio and the band's hometown to jam.

"We were looking for someone really solid and with something to offer, someone who could hear something and play it right off the bat," said bassist Jennifer Arroyo. "I knew she was the one because she was very down to earth, friendly, and was a really solid player."

"We are all on the same page when it comes to everything, and that really drew me to her," Lander said. "Not to mention her guitar playing and her ability to learn things very quickly. She pretty much learned half the album in a few hours!"

KITTIE have been rehearsing with Marx in preparation for a tour in support of "Until the End". "So far, being in the band is so amazing," Marx said. "I'm really excited I've been given this opportunity, and can't wait to rock the world!"

Marx replaces Jeff Phillips, the band's former guitar tech turned tour guitarist, who is concentrating on his own band, THINE EYES BLEED. "Jeff helped us out at a time when we had no one else to turn to," Lander said. "Over the years, Jeff has become like a brother to all of us, and we have all grown up together both musically and personally. We wish him all the best of luck with his new endeavors, as he is a great person and an amazing and talented guitar player."

"Until the End" is scheduled for a summer release on Artemis Records.

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